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Swiss Miss Apocalypse

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(pas de sujets) [jan. 8e, 2013|07:25 pm]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse


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Hey there...welcome! [déc. 12e, 2012|12:12 pm]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse

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Welcome to how I see the world...

Charlie Colin: "I think perhaps there is a metaphysical link between the rhythms, power and ease of the ocean, and the fluid connectedness of music."

pls remember...I keep/make a lot, A LOT, of my posts 'private'...
so if you can't cruise through my entries with ease, or are blocked...
it's not that you're NOT on some filter...it means I put it up for myself alone,
or later on decided to privatize the entry.
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Hrmmm [mar. 28e, 2012|02:35 am]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
This place is dead.

Well, I only come here to announce ch-ch-changessss.
I'm moving.
2 years max, I always said....

The difference is these two years taught me one thing:
I have no one to tell, really, except for the people I speak with every day.
And that's one mighty strong, but small, circle.

C'est la vie.
Realizing...how few things/people really matter to you and vice versa.
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1910 on 2000 [mai. 18e, 2011|11:15 pm]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
what the french thought the world would look like in 2000 (in 1910)

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Writer's Block: You're my best friend [fév. 25e, 2011|10:38 pm]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse

If you could shrink any animal down to miniature size and carry it around in your pocket, which animal would you choose?


MY DOG is the smallest BREED.
fits in my purse and weighst in UNDER 3 pounds.
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(pas de sujets) [déc. 29e, 2010|09:44 am]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
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(pas de sujets) [déc. 28e, 2010|12:58 am]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
Honestly blogging is hard for me.
Unlike most people, I'm a loudmouth, but mostly in person.
Otherwise I am shy and quiet - I don't know what it is,
maybe not wanting to share my story other than with a select few
(yet I'm open to everyone, despite stereotypes & always welcome the underdog to my team).
Maybe it's because I feel there's enough attention-whorism in the world already?
Maybe it's a need for a sense of privacy?
Maybe because I've met some creepy and stalkerish people over the years?
Maybe I feel threatened that what I say or do may be misconstrued and I will never have the chance to rectify it/verbally explain myself to the fullest extent?
Maybe I just don't care to post everything out there for all to see?

As you can see, I am focusing on the negatives, they are there...
but aside from all that, it is a great place to vent frustrations, air your sense of creativity, meet some crazy intelligent people and all around good people.

...but it hasn't always been easy.
Whether it's my lack of time, sense of insecurity, or need for privacy, voicing everything on an easily-searchable medium, where one idea can go viral, is not something I take seriously...or maybe I don't take it seriously AT ALL.

Either way: hello. Today I went to work, showed my nephew the thinnest t.v. screen out on the market, went to Ikea, called my boyfriend, was frustrated the day went by so fast and threw myself into bed. (I left a lot of info out, but see the post above ;) )
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(pas de sujets) [déc. 12e, 2010|09:09 pm]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
Going through my old pictures has got a thousand and one memories and thoughts
running through my head.
Be it shoots of others, my travel photographs or random pictures I've taken over the years....
they leave me hyperventilating.
Feels like that particular picture (be it in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, NYC, LA or down my street) was THE apex of my life, the climax, THE moment that I will remember fondly until the end.
There's no way to describe it, really, just knowing that IT happened and is now over....
and the only proof I was there lies in a single image.
One that can be destroyed/lost/forgotten so easily, yet holds so much value to me.
It embodies my youth, a time of freedom, adventure and all the things we ALL feel are slowly slipping away,
one day at a time (or rather morphing, into something else, something equally wonderful)

I can't really describe it,
maybe that's why I'm so into photography -
because maybe I know I will never figure it out, but the path to that conclusion will be an interesting one.
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One of my favourite pictures: [déc. 10e, 2010|09:51 pm]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
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[mood |busybusy]

...Maybe it's because of the symbolism.
Maybe it's because of the random yet creative nature of it,
maybe the colour?

Fact is, this is one of my all time favourite photos.
Wish I took it, actually, but absolutely enjoy it.
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Winter song. [déc. 8e, 2010|12:07 am]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
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[mood |amusedamused]

I have a very hard time liking winter.
This song helps.
AHHH!!!! addictive...but a homage to Canada.

Really, there are MILLIONS of great 'summer songs,'
so I was pleasantly surprised to find one that
tries to lighten up winter.

You might know if you're from around here
What goes on for half of the year.....

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Women in the Workforce [déc. 6e, 2010|01:23 am]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
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Women in the Workforce - it's a relatively new era, and a major change in history.
Being a history specialist and a general observer of societal changes, I credit most of it to
firstly, the European revolutions, and secondly to the second World War. At this point in time, women entered the workforce because they were needed, and were more than willing, to contribute to their respective nation's success....as the men came 'home' from abroad, the home became the focus of a woman's role in society - to the chagrin of many strong, independent and intelligent women.
Being pushed out of the workforce was the major factor that contributed to the anti-depressant prescription BOOM o the 1950's, sadly. There you have it - a perfect case of being able to prove oneself as capable, and only being used when necessary...and then wasting the talent and skills of millions by throwing it aside.

It always amazes me that there are still certain career paths that are gender-specific
(and how having a 'woman's job' - like nursing, can be seen as derogatory if you are male).
Secondly, the treatment of women who are planning a family/expecting. I have personally witnessed women not being considered because of worry about their 'daycare situation' for basic roles - I'd understand if she were an emergency doctor, however, I think the world could survive if someone is 5 minutes late due to child-related issues. I think, when it comes to our careers, we forget that the world would stop turning the second women decided to put this role aside - hence, I really don't understand why it took SO LONG to accommodate women in this very important part of their life. I was surprised to know that when my mother was given 3 years with me and my sister, and how little it affected the role that she had in medicine. Aside from these two topics, I would really rather not even start on the unfair interview process that face women based on their age, physical attributes and marital status (no, you don't have to say a word - the ring is usually visible, no?). Also, I will avoid that topic as scientific research has proven that being attractive helps either gender equally. Besides, you can look at anything positively or negatively. Any situation can be seen simply as difficult or challenging. There are no excuses for reaching your potential, and I definitely do not have the most insurmountable obstacles to overcome, but yes....there is room for improvement.

A great, yet concise discussion, by women in different fields & age categories.
They sum it up quite well

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NO NO's of Social Media [déc. 3e, 2010|02:07 am]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse

Public Relations & Marketing has been hit with the new superforce of social media.
It's a great venue to actually REACH out to people, get in touch with long-lost or new friends,
share ideas (BRILLIANT ideas, or...you know, random ideas about what you want for lunch) and voice your opinion. YOUR opinion, about anything; music, politics, your work/school/family, anything really.

It's basically...a great venue to share ideas, OR your bad grammar.

The recent Britney post that has gone viral (trust me, I'm not one to visit her site) has caused a frenzy,
and as it is Social Media Week (well, it is NOW....woooo!), I'd like to share some basic social networking rules and etiquette.
These are based on my experiences as a blogger since 2001, employment counselor/recruiter since 2004, and generally awesome person since sometime in the 1980's.


1) DO NOT share your personal info (duhhhhh).
I don't care if the only people in your network are friends from elementary school - if they need to know something specific, like where you live, they should feel free to ask you in person (that is, of course, assuming they don't already know and haven't had pajama parties at your house when you were awkward looking kids).

2) NO ONE should know when you go on vacation, until you return.
(so many break ins thanks to twitter and facebook, I mean,, really....this is more an example of WHY you should follow the first rule.)

3) Assume anything you say on your profile is equivalent to you speaking loudly at your school/hall/home.
JUST because something is on your private network, or was erased, does not mean it was not immediately 'image captured' of the screen (or copied/pasted for you ol' school folks) and shared virally

4) No nudity. NO NUDE PICTURES - they make your mother cry AND there's more than enough of random naked people online already...I think I've involuntarily seen the backside of NYC's infamous 'naked cowboy' a bazillion times.

5) Future employers CAN and WILL (most likely) search for you online.
This is a current issue, some employers agree with 'facestalking' and seeing what candidates are REALLY like, others feel it does not impact their work (...and then in fine print:'UNLESS SOMETHING CRIMINAL/CONSPICUOUS/PLAIN CRAZY' is found out about you).
The fact is, assume anything you do can eventually find its way to your boss or co-workers.
This is not a scary threat, but rather a suggestion that the more similarities the IRL (reality) and the ONLINE version of you are, the better/easier your life will be. (And you won't be running to erase the last couple of month's of comments and postings immediately prior to/following an interview.

6) to be continued.
I'm really tired, and tired minds run to youtube for the latest songs stuck in their heads.
I'm looking at you Bruno Mars....
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Music. Good Music. [déc. 3e, 2010|12:10 am]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
There are some people so talented they break your heart, at the sheer sight of them.
Some capable of such unbearably beautiful work you become torn between being green with envy
and pure defenseless adoration.

This is one person that I can't get over.
He should be world-renown, based purely on his vocal talent...
but it doesn't always work that way, does it?
Recognition, based on talent, rather than connections - it's rare, UNFORTUNATELY.

This song may not be your cup of tea, but if you spend
5 minutes youtubing him, you will fall in love,
with either a tune, a lyric, or a note.
Trust me.

I've had the pleasure of seeing him live in Toronto,
and running into him in Santa Monica while hanging out/shopping.
He is an incredible human being and an extremely gifted artist.

....and a secret link. ;)
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Photography & Technology [déc. 2e, 2010|12:53 am]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
I've been talking a lot about photography lately.
More talking than shooting (work and the upcoming holidays have been keeping me busy, VERY busy), but I guess that's ok - you need to analyze rather than just always go nuts with the camera.

Here's some ideas/realizations that I've come across.

- I'm grateful to 'bad salespeople' at camera stores.
The best advice I ever got was "If you buy this stuff, your pictures will end up
looking JUST LIKE every other photographer's!...Experimenting! THAT'S the key to a great shot!"

I went home that night and found a way to mod a snoot and light gels.
I spent a heck of a lot less money, failed at a couple of things (home made ring flash)
and found amazing success with other DoItYourself projects (various reflectors).
Now I mix my pro (I call it semi-pro) gear, and my DIY items and get shots no one
else can replicate.

- There's point and shoot cameras, and there are PROFESSIONAL cameras - and you need BOTH.
I got into digital photography because I am obsessed with History. I am a History Specialist, as accredited by the University of Toronto. I WANTED/NEEDED to capture my family and our history.
However, I also needed to get back into art, a passion I abandoned whilst pursuing academia.
SO, digital photography; great way to make and share art, cheaply and effectively. So easy to manipulate as well, digitally or physically.
HOWEVER, I got my professional camera not too long ago, at a ticket price of 4 times the cost of a point and click, and triple the size and weight, it was definitely exciting, yet slightly annoying, to carry around.
As a semi-pro/pro photographer, my rule is: Experiment/play around and take risks at shoots, BUT when capturing REAL LIFE (like a video/photo of my nephews learning to swim, for example) - get results, in any way. So, whether that means IMAGE STABILIZATION or AUTO-FOCUS, it really doesn't matter....it's getting that shot that makes all the difference. It may not be perfect, you may not have it centered, and it might not be the perfect tone, but getting that moment captured regardless of the camera, is the important thing.
Heck, my sister is known for having most of her family photos taken by her iphone (she's not me, and doesn't carry her camera around everywhere), and I just got a Blackberry pearl, which has a 3 megapixel camera and FLASH (FLASH photography on a mobile device....was I the last to know about this?!?!) haha.

I don't want to, nor can I, pay attention to details when running around trying to get a shot of my very energetic nephews. That's where the divide between ART and REAL LIFE happens for me.
I don't want to fumble with my camera, lens or accessories, I just want good shots of my nephews, in the moment.


/Technology gets cheaper and cheaper, BUT being a pioneer is PRICELESS
That one is self explanatory.
Although digital imaging is now one of the cheapest hobbies/art forms, for those that are truly passionate about it, it can still cost quite a pretty penny.
EVEN RIGHT NOW I'm thinking of the newest HD camera that is water, freeze and shock proof and thinking of all the wonderful ways I could use that little camera....while forgetting how obsolete, useless and overpriced it will be a year from now.

P.S. here is a shot of my indoor (aka WINTER) portrait studio.
I love outdoor/natural light, and have a lot of windows in my studio BUT nothing beats shooting outside.
I once had a shoot on a golf course, and another time on a mountainous hike in B.C.
The tougher ones really are memorable.

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KOREAN SAUNAS - all over the world, AMAZING! [nov. 28e, 2010|04:28 pm]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
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I've been going to Korean Saunas for years....
mostly started when one opened up near my mom's business.
If you don't know yet - my mom is a doctor of natural medicine, having a background in modern medicine (working in a traditional hospital). Ironically, my sister and I caused her career change.
By being told she was unable to have children, and not offered ANY assistance by modern medicine - she turned to ancient traditional/Chinese/natural medicine - and VIOLA! Two kids & a couple of years later, she is without any regrets (...I hope!).

Anyway, Korean sauna...it's like a cult - it's amazing.
Instead of one traditional hot-stone OR steam sauna - you get six.
Each is lined with different minerals/rocks (ie. Germanium, Gold, etc) and heated by highly-effective infra-red heat/light. Secondly, you have a incredible amount of heat options (usually ranging from 42-78C) and hot/cold showers, as well as a jacuzzi. The one I go to is IMPRESSING in terms of cleanliness and services offered (massage, hot yoga, restaurant & products on sale).

Basically, it's a mini vacation, where you DO NOT have to pack up/unpack and face the recovery and jet lag you usually get from flying abroad.
And in winter - it's just...heaven.

Relaxation is the source of health and happiness, whereas stress is the first step towards serious illness, that is why most spas are linked to hospitals in MOST countries, including Europe & Asia....
something North America needs to look into.
Anyway, for traditional yet modern Saunas - I am very grateful to Korean culture!
It takes a lot for me to relax, and the effect of a Korean Sauna lasts several days, so I HIGHLY recommend you look them up/try them out, wherever you are.

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Career & Work [nov. 10e, 2010|10:48 pm]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
By training, I am a career counselor and employment consultant....
not necessarily HR.
I'm not there to just determine whether you are right for a job,
but also whether the job is right FOR YOU (short and long term.)
I'm a diplomat/middle-man between you and your several various paths of making a living
(some that are not open to you right away, and others that you are not yet aware of.)

The amount of people willing to spend their lives studying and working towards something,
with NO OTHER motivator than financial gain, always ALWAYS always amazes me.
I know it makes the world turn, and I know 'somebody's gotta do the dirty work'
but, to have finance as your sole motivator...well, that just amazes me.

I would much rather do what I absolutely love, for little to nothing,
than despise what I do, whilst not even being able to enjoy my money.
(this is based on my 'LIFE EQUATION": you spend one third of your life sleeping, one third of it working, and the other one third PREPPING yourself to work or sleep - honestly,
that leaves LITTLE TO NO time to do what you love.

Ahh....but to do something you LOVE to do, and do it well, FOR A LIVING - that, my friends, is the REAL dream

I guess the only hint I can give is: try to figure out what you love to do, as soon as you can....try getting better at it, and don't be afraid of trying new/other things, because you really have no idea what IS around the corner OR what you are capable of.

I guess, in a way, everyone's life IS a work in progress!

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New Media v.s. Relationships [nov. 10e, 2010|08:30 pm]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
Came across this image:

.... I can definitely admit that I've let the old ways of communicating slip
and be replaced by the newer forms of media.
Actually, to be completely honest, there were a good two years that
I used facebook more as e-mail, to stay up to date with friends and co-workers,
than I did yahoo/gmail/hotmail.

It was easier...you didn't have to search for an address (not everyone has one that reflects their name/identity - it can be VERY hard to remember!) - you simply start writing someone's name and their user icon pops up....before you even finish typing three letters you can click on their link & send them a message!
I found it much more easier & fun to communicate, in private conversation & public comments, back and forth.

So this image....somewhat strikes me. It's been several years since I've written a letter.
I had a pen-pal (set up by my school) in Japan, wrote most of my cousins and aunts in Europe, and even had a friend who I wrote to in the Northwest Territories (for some reason we stuck to old-school letters, even though we both could easily send an e-mail back and forth at a much quicker pace.)

Point is, YES, it was much more special and exciting to get that letter....
It's DEFINITELY nicer to get a real card than an e-card (despite how funny it may be), but really...the inconveniences really do outweigh that temporary 'YAY, I GOT A LETTER' euphoric feeling, no?

I wonder if I'm alone on this?
Either way, pretty good form of advertising - made me think ....AND feel guilty about ending a several-decades long tradition of letter-writing in my family.
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(pas de sujets) [oct. 30e, 2010|12:32 am]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
the places I miss most.

Southern Vancouver....like...South SOUTH south vancouver.
It's where my heart lies.
it's by no means ideal, it IS beautiful, and my peaceful place.
I can shrug anything off, walking along the ocean and heading up
a massive hill to go 'home'
The Sea to Sky highway....has traffic that you can fall in love it.
I can always say 'hey, I had a place, there....it was MINE, all mine'
It was a necessity, a refuge, and an insane asylum at the same time.

I miss downtown Toronto, sometimes,
I miss the University of Toronto Campus...
not sure why, maybe it's where I spent the best years of my life,
without having them be that great.
It was a lonely and quite hush-hush and hurry up type of place,
but I adapted well.
Also, the site of my longest-running position - downtown was my playground
and I would find a nook or cranny anywhere.

I miss Eilat, nestled between Jordan and Egypt; where you are 'put in your place'
Eilat is where I, a young blonde, could walk & talk freely, with no worry.
I remember distinctly a January where I had fallen asleep on one of the
extremely luxurious hotel beach zones, with my personal belongings nestled below the beach bed, watching an army ship float by,
deciding whether to nap or go swim with dolphins.
This place changes me, my voice my temperament....it is one of the few
places where I can honestly say that I am happy internally, regardless
of the crazy mess the world has become.

I miss Quebec....you were my getaway as a teenager, trying each year
to becoming a better version of me. Thrown into a mix of strangers and
seeing what version of me works best. It wasn't a summer school program or college campus experience - it was a life experience/experiment.
It was where trouble was to be had, controlled trouble, and one of my longest friendships started and many funny stories began.
I miss the forts, the historic sites, being background settings to teenage retardedness. Everytime I revisit, I feel 18 and full of optimisitic positivity.

I miss Czechoslovakia - it doesn't exist anymore, but is well replaced by two republics. I have no idea what I miss, the tangible house/dirt/inheritance? the family and siblings? the reputation my parents made? my whole childhood? I have no idea, but because of this place I will always feel 'homesick, even when I am at home'.

I haven't been to these places in a while, Quebec leading the way (most numerous times, and the one I haven't visited in the longest period of time)....but right now, this is the only place I can/should/want to be.
Not sure if it's because of my adult realization of 'this is life/reality'
or because of my lack of energy...or possibly, a feeling of comfort/love for where I am now.
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(pas de sujets) [oct. 17e, 2010|11:28 pm]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
great bone structure v.s. great features v.s. great profile.

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SMALL DOGS - BIG COMEDY [oct. 3e, 2010|01:19 am]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
Is it just me, or are little dogs hilarious???

I always thought they were yappy and useless (for home security) spoiled little punks,
but our first chihuahua melted my cold heart.

Everyone, meet CoCo

I now LOVE small dogs....SO MUCH SO that I have the smallest breed in the world!

More on that on my tiny site :D (still working on it, as my puppy grows and provides more hilarious photos)


but for now....tell me this doesn't crack you up.

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