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the places I miss most. Southern Vancouver....like...South SOUTH… - welcome to my SOLILOQUY [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse

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[oct. 30e, 2010|12:32 am]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
the places I miss most.

Southern Vancouver....like...South SOUTH south vancouver.
It's where my heart lies.
it's by no means ideal, it IS beautiful, and my peaceful place.
I can shrug anything off, walking along the ocean and heading up
a massive hill to go 'home'
The Sea to Sky highway....has traffic that you can fall in love it.
I can always say 'hey, I had a place, there....it was MINE, all mine'
It was a necessity, a refuge, and an insane asylum at the same time.

I miss downtown Toronto, sometimes,
I miss the University of Toronto Campus...
not sure why, maybe it's where I spent the best years of my life,
without having them be that great.
It was a lonely and quite hush-hush and hurry up type of place,
but I adapted well.
Also, the site of my longest-running position - downtown was my playground
and I would find a nook or cranny anywhere.

I miss Eilat, nestled between Jordan and Egypt; where you are 'put in your place'
Eilat is where I, a young blonde, could walk & talk freely, with no worry.
I remember distinctly a January where I had fallen asleep on one of the
extremely luxurious hotel beach zones, with my personal belongings nestled below the beach bed, watching an army ship float by,
deciding whether to nap or go swim with dolphins.
This place changes me, my voice my temperament....it is one of the few
places where I can honestly say that I am happy internally, regardless
of the crazy mess the world has become.

I miss Quebec....you were my getaway as a teenager, trying each year
to becoming a better version of me. Thrown into a mix of strangers and
seeing what version of me works best. It wasn't a summer school program or college campus experience - it was a life experience/experiment.
It was where trouble was to be had, controlled trouble, and one of my longest friendships started and many funny stories began.
I miss the forts, the historic sites, being background settings to teenage retardedness. Everytime I revisit, I feel 18 and full of optimisitic positivity.

I miss Czechoslovakia - it doesn't exist anymore, but is well replaced by two republics. I have no idea what I miss, the tangible house/dirt/inheritance? the family and siblings? the reputation my parents made? my whole childhood? I have no idea, but because of this place I will always feel 'homesick, even when I am at home'.

I haven't been to these places in a while, Quebec leading the way (most numerous times, and the one I haven't visited in the longest period of time)....but right now, this is the only place I can/should/want to be.
Not sure if it's because of my adult realization of 'this is life/reality'
or because of my lack of energy...or possibly, a feeling of comfort/love for where I am now.