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Swiss Miss Apocalypse

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New Media v.s. Relationships [nov. 10e, 2010|08:30 pm]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
Came across this image:

.... I can definitely admit that I've let the old ways of communicating slip
and be replaced by the newer forms of media.
Actually, to be completely honest, there were a good two years that
I used facebook more as e-mail, to stay up to date with friends and co-workers,
than I did yahoo/gmail/hotmail.

It was easier...you didn't have to search for an address (not everyone has one that reflects their name/identity - it can be VERY hard to remember!) - you simply start writing someone's name and their user icon pops up....before you even finish typing three letters you can click on their link & send them a message!
I found it much more easier & fun to communicate, in private conversation & public comments, back and forth.

So this image....somewhat strikes me. It's been several years since I've written a letter.
I had a pen-pal (set up by my school) in Japan, wrote most of my cousins and aunts in Europe, and even had a friend who I wrote to in the Northwest Territories (for some reason we stuck to old-school letters, even though we both could easily send an e-mail back and forth at a much quicker pace.)

Point is, YES, it was much more special and exciting to get that letter....
It's DEFINITELY nicer to get a real card than an e-card (despite how funny it may be), but really...the inconveniences really do outweigh that temporary 'YAY, I GOT A LETTER' euphoric feeling, no?

I wonder if I'm alone on this?
Either way, pretty good form of advertising - made me think ....AND feel guilty about ending a several-decades long tradition of letter-writing in my family.