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welcome to my SOLILOQUY

my intuition is magic, but it's all still quite tragic

Swiss Miss Apocalypse
19 April
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don't move, don't breathe, don't change, don't leave. It's not how we're meant to live.
I'm a young kid...a tomboy, at heart,
I have had long hair since...forever, now
(maybe I need a bad breakup to change that?)
I am pale and young, but it's deceiving - I'm a multi-fabric-weaved old soul.
My imagination is my personal oasys/microcosm...
and if I like you, I'll probably say 'can I kidnap you?'...twice.
I'm still the same person I was, raised old-school-style in Europe
but since 2007 everything (else?) has changed.
I give it my all, but some still see me as offering nothing.

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"May 1st, 2008.
I don't want to cry, I don't want to see where the moving van takes you;

I need to spill my guts to someone...
from the beginning to the present,
over-analyzing every detail
making graphs and maps and trying to make sense
of how I got here and the composite of who I've become,
cause sometimes I'm really not sure.
Time moves so fast, it's as if I'm watching my own life
while someone else's finger is on the fast-forward button

from start to finish...with someone who voluntarily wants to listen...
who I voluntarily, and comfortably, want to tell
something that may take years and require several versions.

or maybe I just need to get some sleep, and hope that I'll recognize
the room in the morning, right when I wake up"


If I have understood correctly
Velocity equals the distance traveled, Divided by time
I've read every word ever printed on quantum physics
And now it is time to try
I read your book, I found your notes
I dusted this thing off and turned on
The key
The rumbling motors, the buzzing incredible gadgets...the hissing electricity
And now the moment has come, I'm traveling back in time.

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I remember laughing on that river's edge...
trying to get you to jump with me,
trying to get you to fall for me

Me - according to you....
random comments, probably all taken out of context by me (a jerk),
in chronological order.

"Easily one of the most interesting formats of posters I have on my friends list.
You're all over the place all the time and I can't get enough of it.
I seriously hope we get to hang out this year, because not being able to last year sux0red.
You are also the only person I know that has only MSN Messenger as a chat client.
I could talk to you for hours with out getting bored."

"if we had the answers to the petra questions, what a beautiful wonderful lovely perfect and zen-like world it would be
hell, even if we just all thought about the questions like we do, life would be a whole lot better for the general population."

"I don't know what to say about this post, because I don't even know what it means. Am I a granola bar?"

"in a planetarium, you can see glimpses of planets.
in a sanitarium, you get to see glimpses of sanity.
wanna be sanitarium buddies?"
"donald duck dressed up as a jewish orthodox preacher with tourettes who shakes her fist at god everytime she can't control her fowl mouth."

"...so shocking to see a pic of you as your icon! LOL :)"

lol cinnamon monkey.
sugar and spice and everything nice that's what our little petra-chimp is made of?
do you have a blue butt? DO YOU?"

"sarcasm meet petra! petra, meet sarcasm!"

"Petra, my one and only love, I know the whole story.
Let's talk"
"I like your weirdness."


a sense of humour and intelligence is greatly appreciated in my world.
I adore my friends, and hope the feeling is mutual.

I am an university accredited historian, diplomat, and a politican...
So yes, I am 'globally aware' & I can be diplomatic...but I can also get 'Medieval' on you, if you challenge me, and win.

I am really nice, ask anyone, and give everyone a fair chance,
just don't get on my BAD SIDE...I DO have a firm ZEROtolerancePOLICY:
-no crazies.
-no drama queens.
-no stupidity.
-no liars.
(+ no Toronto Hipster scumbags/hippies/whores...very prevalent)

you are what YOU make of yourself....
LISTEN: don't blame your mother & your father's not guilty you came out a little faulty....>

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