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Career & Work - welcome to my SOLILOQUY [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse

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Career & Work [nov. 10e, 2010|10:48 pm]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
By training, I am a career counselor and employment consultant....
not necessarily HR.
I'm not there to just determine whether you are right for a job,
but also whether the job is right FOR YOU (short and long term.)
I'm a diplomat/middle-man between you and your several various paths of making a living
(some that are not open to you right away, and others that you are not yet aware of.)

The amount of people willing to spend their lives studying and working towards something,
with NO OTHER motivator than financial gain, always ALWAYS always amazes me.
I know it makes the world turn, and I know 'somebody's gotta do the dirty work'
but, to have finance as your sole motivator...well, that just amazes me.

I would much rather do what I absolutely love, for little to nothing,
than despise what I do, whilst not even being able to enjoy my money.
(this is based on my 'LIFE EQUATION": you spend one third of your life sleeping, one third of it working, and the other one third PREPPING yourself to work or sleep - honestly,
that leaves LITTLE TO NO time to do what you love.

Ahh....but to do something you LOVE to do, and do it well, FOR A LIVING - that, my friends, is the REAL dream

I guess the only hint I can give is: try to figure out what you love to do, as soon as you can....try getting better at it, and don't be afraid of trying new/other things, because you really have no idea what IS around the corner OR what you are capable of.

I guess, in a way, everyone's life IS a work in progress!