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NO NO's of Social Media - welcome to my SOLILOQUY [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse

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NO NO's of Social Media [déc. 3e, 2010|02:07 am]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse

Public Relations & Marketing has been hit with the new superforce of social media.
It's a great venue to actually REACH out to people, get in touch with long-lost or new friends,
share ideas (BRILLIANT ideas, or...you know, random ideas about what you want for lunch) and voice your opinion. YOUR opinion, about anything; music, politics, your work/school/family, anything really.

It's basically...a great venue to share ideas, OR your bad grammar.

The recent Britney post that has gone viral (trust me, I'm not one to visit her site) has caused a frenzy,
and as it is Social Media Week (well, it is NOW....woooo!), I'd like to share some basic social networking rules and etiquette.
These are based on my experiences as a blogger since 2001, employment counselor/recruiter since 2004, and generally awesome person since sometime in the 1980's.


1) DO NOT share your personal info (duhhhhh).
I don't care if the only people in your network are friends from elementary school - if they need to know something specific, like where you live, they should feel free to ask you in person (that is, of course, assuming they don't already know and haven't had pajama parties at your house when you were awkward looking kids).

2) NO ONE should know when you go on vacation, until you return.
(so many break ins thanks to twitter and facebook, I mean,, really....this is more an example of WHY you should follow the first rule.)

3) Assume anything you say on your profile is equivalent to you speaking loudly at your school/hall/home.
JUST because something is on your private network, or was erased, does not mean it was not immediately 'image captured' of the screen (or copied/pasted for you ol' school folks) and shared virally

4) No nudity. NO NUDE PICTURES - they make your mother cry AND there's more than enough of random naked people online already...I think I've involuntarily seen the backside of NYC's infamous 'naked cowboy' a bazillion times.

5) Future employers CAN and WILL (most likely) search for you online.
This is a current issue, some employers agree with 'facestalking' and seeing what candidates are REALLY like, others feel it does not impact their work (...and then in fine print:'UNLESS SOMETHING CRIMINAL/CONSPICUOUS/PLAIN CRAZY' is found out about you).
The fact is, assume anything you do can eventually find its way to your boss or co-workers.
This is not a scary threat, but rather a suggestion that the more similarities the IRL (reality) and the ONLINE version of you are, the better/easier your life will be. (And you won't be running to erase the last couple of month's of comments and postings immediately prior to/following an interview.

6) to be continued.
I'm really tired, and tired minds run to youtube for the latest songs stuck in their heads.
I'm looking at you Bruno Mars....