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KOREAN SAUNAS - all over the world, AMAZING! - welcome to my SOLILOQUY [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse

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KOREAN SAUNAS - all over the world, AMAZING! [nov. 28e, 2010|04:28 pm]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
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I've been going to Korean Saunas for years....
mostly started when one opened up near my mom's business.
If you don't know yet - my mom is a doctor of natural medicine, having a background in modern medicine (working in a traditional hospital). Ironically, my sister and I caused her career change.
By being told she was unable to have children, and not offered ANY assistance by modern medicine - she turned to ancient traditional/Chinese/natural medicine - and VIOLA! Two kids & a couple of years later, she is without any regrets (...I hope!).

Anyway, Korean sauna...it's like a cult - it's amazing.
Instead of one traditional hot-stone OR steam sauna - you get six.
Each is lined with different minerals/rocks (ie. Germanium, Gold, etc) and heated by highly-effective infra-red heat/light. Secondly, you have a incredible amount of heat options (usually ranging from 42-78C) and hot/cold showers, as well as a jacuzzi. The one I go to is IMPRESSING in terms of cleanliness and services offered (massage, hot yoga, restaurant & products on sale).

Basically, it's a mini vacation, where you DO NOT have to pack up/unpack and face the recovery and jet lag you usually get from flying abroad.
And in winter - it's just...heaven.

Relaxation is the source of health and happiness, whereas stress is the first step towards serious illness, that is why most spas are linked to hospitals in MOST countries, including Europe & Asia....
something North America needs to look into.
Anyway, for traditional yet modern Saunas - I am very grateful to Korean culture!
It takes a lot for me to relax, and the effect of a Korean Sauna lasts several days, so I HIGHLY recommend you look them up/try them out, wherever you are.