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Honestly blogging is hard for me. Unlike most people, I'm a… - welcome to my SOLILOQUY [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse

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[déc. 28e, 2010|12:58 am]
Swiss Miss Apocalypse
Honestly blogging is hard for me.
Unlike most people, I'm a loudmouth, but mostly in person.
Otherwise I am shy and quiet - I don't know what it is,
maybe not wanting to share my story other than with a select few
(yet I'm open to everyone, despite stereotypes & always welcome the underdog to my team).
Maybe it's because I feel there's enough attention-whorism in the world already?
Maybe it's a need for a sense of privacy?
Maybe because I've met some creepy and stalkerish people over the years?
Maybe I feel threatened that what I say or do may be misconstrued and I will never have the chance to rectify it/verbally explain myself to the fullest extent?
Maybe I just don't care to post everything out there for all to see?

As you can see, I am focusing on the negatives, they are there...
but aside from all that, it is a great place to vent frustrations, air your sense of creativity, meet some crazy intelligent people and all around good people.

...but it hasn't always been easy.
Whether it's my lack of time, sense of insecurity, or need for privacy, voicing everything on an easily-searchable medium, where one idea can go viral, is not something I take seriously...or maybe I don't take it seriously AT ALL.

Either way: hello. Today I went to work, showed my nephew the thinnest t.v. screen out on the market, went to Ikea, called my boyfriend, was frustrated the day went by so fast and threw myself into bed. (I left a lot of info out, but see the post above ;) )